Chatbots, toys and tools, temptations and threats

Chatbots are conquering the world, figuratively, but for some also really. Here we discuss chatbots from the perspective of their use. Are they toys or tools, are they a temptation or a threat?

Chatbots and facts

Chatbots are changing the world, but are not yet ready for that. Hallucinations and missing fact checkings are a serious problem.

ChatGPT and consciousness

A dialogue with ChatGPT to find out what it reports about its own consciousness. Is the answer pre-programmed or based on open resources?

Concepts, facts, numbers and trust

Numbers are concepts that live in the mind and manifest as observable facts. They unite these worlds in the same way for everyone. Numbers support confidence in the way in which these worlds are connected.

AI and Chatbot links

A collection of links discussing AI, deep learning and ChatGPT shortly after its presentation.

The magic of neural networks

Neural networks and deep learning procedures are complex systems. They are difficult to understand. Recent result are fascinating and invite to study further their emergent properties.

Emergent properties

Emergent properties of complex systems can be studied in two directions, depending on the perspective of the researchers. The definition and measurement of such properties is a sensitive issue.

Do you understand?

Understanding may be more than by words can be expressed. Some reflections after reading an introduction to Wittgenstein’s philosophy.


A discussion of the physicist Kastrup, The Idea of the World, advocating the idealism as a monistic philosophy, in opposition with physicalism.

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