Concepts, facts, numbers and trust

Numbers are concepts that live in the mind and manifest as observable facts. They unite these worlds in the same way for everyone. Numbers support confidence in the way in which these worlds are connected.

Emergent properties

Emergent properties of complex systems can be studied in two directions, depending on the perspective of the researchers. The definition and measurement of such properties is a sensitive issue.

Do you understand?

Understanding may be more than by words can be expressed. Some reflections after reading an introduction to Wittgenstein’s philosophy.


A discussion of the physicist Kastrup, The Idea of the World, advocating the idealism as a monistic philosophy, in opposition with physicalism.

Pattern recognition and consciousness

The human ability to recognize patterns is based on consciousness. Automatic pattern recognition devices are attempts to simulate consciousness.

Plato and Aristotle

The cooperation of the opposing strategies to build understanding for the world of observations.

Knowledge and observation

New knowledge arises by combining different types of knowledge or by combining knowledge with new observations.

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